Relation Between Ganesh And Laxmi – Why Lakshmi And Ganesh Are Worshiped Together

Relation Between Ganesh And Laxmi – Every year the festival of Diwali is celebrated on the Amavasya date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. On Diwali everyone worships Lord Ganesha along with Goddess Lakshmi. But do you know what is the relationship between Ganesha and Lakshmi, and why Ganesha is worshiped along with Goddess Lakshmi? If not then let us tell you –

Relation Between Ganesh And Laxmi

The relationship between Ganesh ji and Lakshmi ji is that of son and mother.

Why Lakshmi And Ganesh Are Worshiped Together

It is necessary to worship Lord Ganesha along with Goddess Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi is the mistress of Shri, that is, wealth, whereas Shri Ganesha is the mistress of wisdom and prudence. It is difficult to acquire wealth without wisdom and prudence. It is only by the grace of Mother Lakshmi that man attains wealth and prosperity.

Goddess Lakshmi was born from water and water is always in motion, similarly Goddess Lakshmi also does not stay at one place. Wisdom and prudence are required to handle Lakshmi. It is difficult to handle Lakshmi without wisdom and discretion, hence in Diwali puja, Ganesha is worshiped along with Lakshmi, so that wisdom can also be attained along with Lakshmi.

It is said that when Lakshmi is found, in her dazzling light a man loses his conscience and does not work wisely. Therefore, Ganeshji should always be worshiped along with Lakshmiji.

Mythological story of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha

Mother Lakshmi is called the mother of the world, because she is the wife of Lord Vishnu, the creator of the world. The whole world runs with the love and illusion of Mother Lakshmi.

According to the stories described in Mahapuran out of 18 Mahapurans, Shri Ganesh, the giver of Mars, is the adopted son of Mother Lakshmi. Once Goddess Lakshmi became proud of herself that everyone in the world wants to have Lakshmi, no one’s work can do without Lakshmi.

Shri Hari sensed this pride of Mother Lakshmi, then Vishnu ji thought that it is very important to end this pride of Mother, hence he said that it is true that nothing can happen in the world without Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu said that even though the whole world worships you and is always eager to attain you, you are still incomplete.

After Lord Vishnu said this, Mother Lakshmi said that what is it that I am still incomplete. Then Lord Vishnu said that unless a woman becomes a mother, she cannot attain perfection. You (Mata Lakshmi) are incomplete because you are childless. Mother Lakshmi felt very sad after knowing this. Seeing Goddess Lakshmi sad at not having any son, Goddess Parvati made her son Ganesha sit in her lap. Since then Lord Ganesha started being called the adopted son of Mother Lakshmi.

Mother Lakshmi was very happy to have Shri Ganesh as her adopted son. Mother Lakshmi gave a boon to Ganesha that whoever does not worship you along with me, Lakshmi will never remain with him. Therefore, in Diwali worship, Lord Ganesha is worshiped as an adopted son along with Mother Lakshmi.

Keep the idol of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi like this

Among all the gods, Shri Ganesha is worshiped first, wherever Shri Ganesha is worshipped, his wife Riddhi and Siddhi along with their sons Shubh and Labh are present along with him. With this, troubles are avoided in the house of the worshipper. Riddhi and Siddhi are the daughters of Lord Brahma. The mother always sits at the right hand of her son. Therefore, the idol of Ganesha should be placed on the left side of the idol of Mother Goddess.

The responsibility of looking after and protecting the wealth of Goddess Lakshmi is the responsibility of Lord Kuber. Mother has given the responsibility of giving how much money to whom and when to give to Kuber. Therefore, on Diwali, it is necessary to worship Kuber along with Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha.

Importance of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh

According to astrologers, Mother Lakshmi has been called the goddess of wealth. At the same time, Lord Ganesha is called the god of wisdom. From a religious perspective, it is necessary to have wealth and intelligence together. Worship of Goddess Lakshmi strengthens financial prosperity, while worshiping Lord Ganesha brings happiness, prosperity and wisdom, hence Lord Ganesha should be worshiped along with Goddess Lakshmi.


What is the relationship between Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi?
Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi ji have a relationship between son and mother.

Where does Ganesh ji and Lakshmi ji live?
Place Ganesh ji on the left side of Lakshmi ji.

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