How Many Wives Did Mahatma Gandhi Ji – Mahatma Gandhi Ji Wife Name

Mahatma Gandhi Wife Name – Gandhiji’s wife is an example of courage and tenacity. Along with being a successful housewife, she was a female freedom fighter and political activist. In today’s article, we will know about Gandhiji’s wife’s name and her biography. So let’s know Gandhiji Wife Name –

How Many Wives Did Mahatma Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi Wife Name)

Mahatma Gandhi had only one wife, whose name was Kasturba Gandhi. Kasturba Gandhi is known as Gandhiji’s wife. Kasturba Gandhi not only supported her husband Gandhiji in all his non-violent efforts like an ideal wife, but she also fought like a heroic woman for the independence of the country and during this time she also had to suffer severe prison sentences many times. Kasturba Gandhi proved to be the role model for women during the freedom movement. Let’s know about Kasturba Gandhi –

Birth, early life and marriage –

Kasturba Gandhi was born on 11 April 1869 in Kathiawar of Porbandar to Gokuldas Kapadia, a merchant. When she was just 13 years old, her father married her to Mahatma Gandhi, the son of his best friend Karamchand Gandhi and the great hero of independence, in 1882, under the prevalent child marriage tradition.

Kasturba was married, but she was zero in terms of education, that is, illiterate, she did not even know the letters properly. Actually, there was no trend of educating girls at that time.

Kasturba had to struggle a bit with her illiteracy after marriage. Actually, Mahatma Gandhi was not happy with her due to her being illiterate and used to taunt her. Not only this, Mahatma Gandhi did not like Kasturba dressing up too much and even going out of the house.

Bapuji had tried to curb her going out from the very beginning of her marriage, but all these things of Gandhiji did not have much effect on Kasturba, rather she used to go wherever she felt necessary. In this way, Bapuji also failed to curb her.

But, later Gandhiji taught Kasturba to read and write. After which she had a good knowledge of Hindi and Gujarati. However, after marriage, she was burdened with household responsibilities and could not study much.

About 6 years after marriage, in the year 1888, Kasturba Gandhi gave birth to her eldest son Harilal. However, during this time Gandhiji had gone to London for his law studies, due to which Kasturba Gandhi raised her son alone.

After this, when Gandhi ji returned to India, in 1892 he was blessed with a son named Mani Lal. After this, Mahatma Gandhi ji had to go to South Africa for his law practice, but this time he took Kasturba Gandhi ji with him.

During this time, Kasturba Gandhi supported her husband at every step like an ideal wife. Then 5 years later in 1897, Kasturba gave birth to her third son Ramdas and in 1900, Kasturba gave birth to her fourth child Devdas.

Kasturba ji supported Gandhi ji very well in South Africa. Kasturba Gandhi was a disciplined and hardworking woman with strong will power. She not only participated in the movement against the condition of Indians in South Africa, but during this time she forced the officials to bow before her by fasting and hunger strike.

In fact, in 1913, when Kasturba Gandhi fearlessly raised questions on the condition of Indian workers in South Africa, she was given a rigorous punishment of three months and was locked behind prison bars.

During this rigorous punishment, the officials also tried to intimidate Kasturba Gandhi, but all the efforts of the officials proved futile in front of her firm nature.

Role in the freedom movement –

Kasturba Gandhi also dreamed of India’s independence and due to this, despite all the domestic responsibilities, she played an important role in the movements launched by Mahatma Gandhi to get freedom from the shackles of slavery.

At the same time, during the freedom movements, whenever Gandhi went to jail, Kasturba Gandhi showed her great and leadership qualities and inspired people and awakened the desire to get freedom in them.

She also used to go with Gandhiji during his non-violent movement and explained to people the importance of cleanliness, education and discipline etc. Not only this, at a time when women were confined to the four walls of their homes, Kasturba Gandhi encouraged women to take part in the freedom movement.

Not only this, like freedom fighters, she also had to face jail sentence for being involved in revolutionary activities, but she never backed down and kept fighting for the freedom of the country like a brave woman.

Kasturba Gandhi Death –

Kasturba Gandhi started falling ill in the last days of her life. In 1942, when Gandhiji was arrested during his “Quit India Movement”, Kasturba Gandhi decided to give a speech at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. Actually, Gandhiji was supposed to give a speech there earlier. But as soon as Kasturba Gandhi reached the park, she was arrested. She was ill at that time and after that her health kept deteriorating.

In the year 1944, she also suffered a heart attack twice and then in February 1944, she left this world forever by saying goodbye. In this way, Kasturba Gandhi played an important role in the freedom movement during that time and became a source of inspiration for all women. Kasturba Gandhi will always be remembered for her sacrifice, sacrifice and dedication.

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