Eating Fruits At Night – Can I Eat Fruits At Night

Can We Eat Fruits At Night – Consumption of fruits is considered beneficial for overall health. Fruits contain almost all types of nutrients required by the body in abundance, which is why the consumption of fruits is considered to protect against diseases and promote health. Fruits are very beneficial for our health. Eating fruits keeps the body getting essential vitamins and minerals.

Health experts say that fruits should definitely be made a part of the daily diet. Different colored and seasonal fruits should be included in the food plate, this can help in maintaining good health.

However, there is also a right time to eat fruits. It is said that the best time to eat fruits is after breakfast and before lunch. If you want, you can eat fruits even after noon, but can’t you eat fruits at night? Maximum benefits from fruits can be obtained only when you consume them at the right time. So let’s know Eating Fruits At Night –

Can We Eat Fruits At Night (Can I Eat Fruits At Night)

We cannot eat fruits at night, fruits should not be eaten at night. According to health experts, fruits should be avoided at night. Our metabolism slows down after evening, in such a situation, fruits and the nutrients present in it are not digested properly. Apart from this, consuming fruits just before sleeping at night can increase your blood sugar level, which increases the problem of affecting sleep. It is better not to eat fruits at dinner time.

Eating some foods before sleeping can interfere with sleep due to slow digestion processes of the body. Experts recommend avoiding processed sugary foods just before sleeping at night. Therefore, it is better that you consume fruits during the day. Especially by including fruits in breakfast in the morning, not only the body can be given essential nutrition, but also the metabolism is good at this time, so there is no problem in digesting fruits.

Eating fruits at night is prohibited, but this does not mean that you cannot eat fruits at night, rather you can eat fruits at night. Eating fruits is considered good for health, but you should avoid eating anything at least 3 hours before sleeping. You should keep a gap of at least 3 hours between eating and sleeping, because it helps in getting good sleep. Fruits should not be consumed after 8 pm at night.

Eating fruits in the morning is more beneficial

Dieticians say that most fruits contain fructose. Due to high fructose content, the best time to eat fruits is considered to be morning. Your body needs plenty of energy in the morning after a night’s rest. In such a situation, things containing fructose can be helpful in promoting quick energy levels. Apart from this, since fruits are easily digestible and break down into important nutrients, you should consume fruits in the morning for the energy required to start daily activities.

Avoid consuming these fruits at night

The doctor says that one should never consume sour fruits like sweet lime, orange and grapes at night. Acidic substances are found in sour fruits, which can cause flatulence, constipation and stomach related problems if eaten after sleeping. If you are consuming sweet lime at night, then it can cause faster heart beats.

Banana – Banana should be avoided at night, because it gives energy and boosts immunity. Due to which eating banana at night can cause problems. There is a risk of increasing body temperature by eating banana. Eating banana at night can cause trouble in sleeping.

Apple – You must have heard that eating an apple daily keeps diseases away, but you should avoid eating apple at night. This can cause you problems. Apple is rich in fiber. In such a situation, eating apple at night is not good for digestion, because it can cause problems of gas and acidity.

Orange and Grapes – Avoid consuming citrus fruits at night. Orange and grapes also contain acidic substances. Therefore, they should not be eaten before sleeping. They contain a lot of vitamin C and fiber. Consuming these fruits before sleeping causes gas and acidity in the stomach.

Guava – Guava can cause acidity and flatulence. The reason for this is that it contains high amount of fiber, it can make the stomach heavy.

Cherry and Pineapple – Cherry contains melatonin which can disturb sleep. Therefore, eating it at night can cause trouble in sleeping. There is a risk of acidity due to consumption of pineapple at night.

What precautions should we take while eating fruits at night?

Fruits should be consumed only after some interval of eating dinner at night. This is because fiber is found in fruits, which is easily digested. If you eat fruits immediately after dinner, then it can affect the digestive system.

If you are eating fruits without thinking when you are hungry at night, then doing this can also harm your digestive system. Take a walk after eating fruits at night, do not go to sleep immediately.

If you are suffering from a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid, then definitely talk to your doctor before eating fruits at night.


Which fruit should not be eaten at night?
Banana should not be eaten at night.

What is the right time to eat fruit?
The right time to eat fruit is in the morning or afternoon.

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